The detraining effect

It's something that we all want to avoid thinking about and indeed talking about, but it's something that we knows happens... detraining. Detraining is the effect of ceasing our cardiovascular or strength training and therefore [...]

The danger of all or nothing

Having been a sport scientist and strength and conditioning coach for the past 12 years, I find there are 2 types of people, those that make sport/fitness their life and those that are all or [...]

Pushing vs Pulling with Running Technique

One of the most common errors when it comes to running technique is an over-focus on pulling through rather than pushing. In this video Mark explores the concept of pulling vs pushing when running and [...]

The truth about muscle cramping

As a recent recommendation from a client I've recently listened to a podcast and have done some additional research into the topic of muscle cramping. Therefore, today I thought I'd share with you what I've [...]

Nutrition Basics

We always generally steer clear of providing nutritional advice, however as a performance facility we often get asked for advice on the topic of nutrition. I’m not fully qualified in the area but have had some [...]

Understanding Athlete Development

One thing that I'm passionate about is Athlete Development, more specifically I'm passionate about making sure that all my athletes have developed strong basic movement patterns before "specialising". Let me explain. Athlete development or strength [...]

Create Variety in Your Goals

In terms of individual sport, one thing that I believe is an important consideration is to vary the length of the goal event. While I suggest having just one key goal event per year, when [...]

Lifting with intent

One of the most common errors athletes make when in the gym is lifting too slowly, particularly the concentric phase of a movement. In other words the upward phase for a movement such as a [...]

The key to training smarter

Do you stop to think before each session that you undertake, why am I doing this session or what am I achieving from this? The issue that many recreational, serious and elite athletes is that [...]

Maintain Healthy Hip Flexors

One of the most common areas that gets tight in athletes is the hip flexor muscle, more specifically the iliopsoas muscle group. When we are sitting we are in a shortened hip flexor position, additionally [...]

Take a break…

At some stage throughout the year we hit the end of our season. For individual sport athletes this is usually after your key race or event of the year. When you hit this point in [...]

What to do in a Taper Week

If you're a runner then no doubt you'll be aware that this week is a taper week for 80% of the south east queensland running community. Why? Because it's the week of the Gold Coast [...]

Acute to Chronic Training Load

An increasingly talked about area in sports science in regards to load management is the acute to chronic training load ratio. Traditional load management models centre around the increase in training load from week to week. [...]

Building a strong squat

Arguably one of the most important development skills that all athletes need to learn is the squat. Not only does the squat help develop overall lower body strength (both anterior and posterior chain) but also [...]

My Keto Experience

Having been in the health, fitness and sporting industry for over a decade, one thing that I've tried as much as possible is to remain open minded about different styles of training and different points [...]

Building a strong foundation first

One thing that athletes and even professionals in the sport or fitness industry can get carried away with when they are developing their own or others strength programs is trying to make them specific too [...]

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