For the last two years we’ve had a major focus on athlete development, in particular junior athlete development and keeping adults on track with their own sporting pursuits. Over the past couple of months we’ve broadened our focus to now providing quality coaching services to the general fitness market.

The reason we’ve gone into this market is to apply strength and conditioning to a new demographic. In other words people that wouldn’t have ordinarily heard about or know what strength and conditioning is.

The structure of our sessions for general fitness follows the same principles of our sports performance sessions in that we have a strong focus on injury prevention (prehab), mobility, stability and strength training. The conditioning component is what we like to refer to as fitness for a purpose.

In other words we don’t just throw a circuit together and try to make sure everyone can’t walk by the end of it. Across a coaching week we include a variety of circuits, altering the intensity and work to rest ratios to target different energy systems and different levels of fitness.

On top of this we aim to get our participants working together. We do our strength training in groups and often do team and partner workouts so that there is a feeling of completing something together, rather than simply moving along to music.

We’re certainly excited to be able to introduce strength and conditioning to a new group of people, but more than anything continuing to help people to work towards their goals.