Having been a sport scientist and strength and conditioning coach for the past 12 years, I find there are 2 types of people, those that make sport/fitness their life and those that are all or nothing. Unfortunately most people fall into the last category. As with different personality types, both of these types of fitness personalities have both their negative and positive attributes.

The person that makes it a part of their life is usually very routine oriented or can’t function properly without regular physical activity. If you try to give them a week completely off there’s just no way they can do it. They’ll find a way to do some form of physical activity. However because fitness is a routine then usually other parts of their life will also be very routine. Therefore adding in additional work when needed is difficult.

The other personality and the most common is the all or nothing. These people basically need a goal to work towards and when they have one then they’re all in. Generally they will move heaven and earth to make that goal happen including doing as much of the training as they need to do. However when no goal exists or another area of their life is taken up by time then their fitness or sporting goals slip, usually completely.

The all or nothing personality are great at putting in hard work and training hard when it’s needed. However, generally don’t to routine things like mobility and flexibility work well. Plus the biggest downside of all to this fitness personality is the NOTHING.

They are the ones without a goal in place will fill their fitness time with something else. This is when we generally see excuses like “work is out of control at the moment I can’t fit in anything” or “I’ve had a major change in my circumstances I’m going to need to take a break”. Sometimes this is usually the case, however most people go through this. The big difference is that those that make sport/fitness their life simply make time for it.

When you let life get in way of sport/fitness then you don’t know how long it can last. Suddenly a couple of weeks can turn into 2 years and you’re overweight and unfit and have to start at square one.

If you know you’re all or nothing, you’ve just got to make the time. Set shorter term goals that are less ambitious and require some training in order to get there. Don’t let yourself off the hook just because something changed in your life.