Mark Blomeley

Performance Director – Head Coach

Mark is a Level 2 ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach and brings 10 years fitness industry, strength and conditioning and exercise science experience to the team. Having worked along side physiotherapists for a vast majority of his 10 years experience, he has developed a strong musculoskeletal screening process for all Equinox clients and has a reputation for assisting with injury rehabilitation but has clearly demonstrated results for clients in the areas of Strength and Conditioning Coaching, Running Coaching as well as weight loss and lifestyle goals.

Mark has built Equinox and it’s predecessor Mark Blomeley Sports Performance Coaching based on a sports performance training philosophy and specifically has assisting a number of high level track and cycling athletes for strength and conditioning. In 2015 Mark has continued to focus his energy into running, now the running coach for three high level middle distance runners.


Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movements)
Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)
ASCA Level 2
ASCA Level 1
Rehab Trainer Accreditation
Diploma of Project Management

Major Achievements

Owner and Operator of Axis Health and Fitness 2007 – 2014
Owner and Operator of Mark Blomeley Sports Performance Coaching 2013 – 2015
Director and Head Performance Coach of Equinox 2015 – Present

Dylan McDonald

Performance Coach

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Performance Coach

Lachlan xxx

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Michael Silver 

Performance Coach

Michael’s interests include living a healthy outdoor lifestyle, one that involves all types of different recreational activities including swimming, cycling, hiking and fishing. He believes that if you get outside and get moving, you will become a happy and healthier person. His interests in S&C include training for athletic performance, enhancing aerobic capacity, developing younger athletes and re-training injured athletes.


  • Bachelor in Exercise and Movement Science
  • Diploma of Business
  • Cert IV Fitness (personal trainer)
  • Level 1 ASCA

Michael’s experience includes working at Equinox for over 10 months, personal training experience and S&C work with junior athletes at a private school in Brisbane.

“I chose Equinox initially for a structured rehab program while recovering from injury. I continue to go to Equinox for ongoing training that has been specifically designed to improve my strength and muscle fitness has given me a competitive edge while racing. My power and acceleration have definitely improved. Thery really know their stuff”

Katrina Robertson

Equinox Member and Cyclist

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